by Desert rats

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Some real ass niggas reppin dat AV life


released August 26, 2014

donnie danko,kayla danko,danny clark



all rights reserved


Desert rats Palmdale, California

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Track Name: fuck our luck
it feels like my whole family is trying to bring me down
but sometimes its the ones who hurt the most that try to help
life feels so goddamn empty i spend every day exactly the same
but i spend it with the people that i love so thats ookay

and i dont give a fuck
if im down on my luck
nothing really matters with the people that i love(x2)

it feels kinda messed up not to stick around
but lets get the hell up and away from this shitty town
every nights a mystery where well lay
but keep your head up babe i know well be ookay

Track Name: i hate hate
bombs fall down like hell fire and were all to blame
everyone hates everyone who isnt the same
all this religious conflict i dont see the point
life would be a breeze if everyone would share a joint

and if we could all co exist i wouldent be singing this
why do we hate everything thats not the same
and if we could all co exist i wouldent be singing this
all this pointless fighting is driving me insane

if we took a sec to listen maybe we would understand
i think its time to grow up and be the bigger man
everyone has the same mentality that their always right
im sick of all this conflict fuck im changing this tonight

Track Name: dazed n confused
i was walkin through the desert thought i found a jewl
it was a broken glass bottle from an hour ago
signed by one drunk artist named me
and i havent decided what im gunna do with my life but thats okay
because im free

and im so dazed
back to where i started but thats ookay
and im confused
back to where i started but i have you

i was stumblin through town down on my luck
i bet that you could guess that i was drunk as fuck
feels like the worlds at war with me
and i know that i am different but why should it matter im bein me
im bein me

Track Name: Hoodratz
gone through shit
but we dont quit
desert rats style is too be legit
broke as fuck
but that shits tight
you dont fuckin know about that AV life

just like the musicians that wee appreciate
bottle of alcohol and ill be straight
dont fuck with me when you aint got shit to say
smoke some pot and things will be ookay

the boys in the hood are always hard
no one fucks with me cuz im on my skateboard
fuck the pigs fuck the state
wrote this song listening to NWA

Track Name: something so simple
write something unoriginal
bumlife educational
and afterwards ill feel like shit
write something about freedom
something about hopping trains
but im still stuck at home
and im about to fucking quit

(gay ass woahs)

cursed with commen troubles
and too much time to overthink
way too much freedom
and the ability to drink
haveing too much fun
ripping off misfits woahs
and my style of music is much too like johnny hobo

(more gay ass woahs)

but thats ookay
cuz punk rocks been the same
for fucking decades
and nothings gunna change
Track Name: afromans not the only one with a song about palmdale
colt 45 and two zigzags baby thats all i need
head to the park after dark and smoke that tumbleweed
get drunk and rage
punk on sage
livin too be free
then at a show pass out on stage
cuz ive got too much alcohol inside of me

afromans not the only one with a song about palmdale
some say its cheap some say its dumb some say its fucking jail
and i may think all of these things about my city
but i know one things for sure that itle always be a home too me

ive always been that weird kid who was never understood
out here in palmdale the av my fucking neighborhood
but ive made a comeback and some friends and some real ass tunes
done good and bad made mistakes and got shitty tattoos
but thats ookay(x2)

Track Name: the days we live for
these are the days we live for
get high and drink some more
we dont have that much time left to be free dont let them shut the door(x2)

at home we pack another bowl
and danny coughs his lungs out but thats ookay because thats how we rool
if you aint chokin you aint smokein
every single day we tokin
laugh away our problems because fuck responsibilities


ill take another drink but i really have to pee
but i dont wanna leave the room im with my other family
and sage just tried to fight me
by now im used to this by now this is a daily thing good thing that im full of forgiveness